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Fallen Petals Pearlised

These high-gloss tempered glass petals with a beautiful pearl gloss finish are a wonderful addition to your mosaic. With their opaque finish, they create a striking and vibrant effect. These petals contain a mix of 7 different shapes and sizes, allowing you to experiment endlessly and create the most beautiful flowers. Please note that each mix has a different composition. These petals have the same thickness as the Pâte de Verre, Ottoman, Round Glass Tiles of 18mm and 8mm, making them perfect to match other elements in your mosaic designs. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and with dimensions of 2.5-3cm long and 10-20mm wide, these petals offer a lot of variety in size and use. The thickness of 4mm ensures durability and makes them easy to use in various mosaic techniques. Whether you want to create a floral motif or combine these petals with other elements, they are sure to add a beautiful and unique look to your mosaic. Create beautiful flowers with these versatile and high-quality mother-of-pearl glass petals.