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Our irregularly shaped glass tiles are made of float glass and have a mirror foil with different textures on the back. These tiles are double-heated, making the edges beautifully rounded and smooth. This makes them not only visually attractive, but also safe to work with, even for children. Due to the presence of the mirror foil, it is not recommended to cut these tiles as this may damage the foil. It is best to use them in their original form to maintain the integrity of the mirror film. It is important to note that the colours of these tiles are not all UV-resistant, meaning they may fade when exposed to direct sunlight. It is therefore advisable to use them mainly indoors or in places where they are not exposed to prolonged sunlight. Each colour of these tiles is a mix of different shades and sizes, creating a vibrant and varied look in your mosaic designs. Use these unique glass tiles to create beautiful and unique mosaic pieces.