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Marble 10x10mm

These marble tiles have an unpolished surface and tumbled sides, making them slightly rounded. As a natural material, different shades can occur in one colour, even on each individual piece. This creates a beautiful effect and brings to life the atmosphere of ancient Greek and Roman mosaics. The traditional method of cutting marble is with a hammer and hardie, but these tiles are thin enough to be cut with a wheeled nipper as well. Keep in mind that they may wear out faster while cutting. To enhance and protect the colours of the marble, you can use, for example, stone wax or linseed oil. This will intensify the colours and seal the surface of the marble, making them last longer. The compact dimensions offer many opportunities to create beautiful mosaic designs that reflect the classic look of natural stone. Unleash your creativity and bring a touch of history and beauty to your mosaic work with this unique natural material.