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Be enchanted by Effetre's beautiful Millefiori flowers, an artisan product from Italy's famous Murano. Each little flower is handmade and cut with love and skill, making it a unique work of art in itself. These Millefiori flowers are perfect for glass fusion and can be combined with Moretti glass, which has a compatibility with a C.O.E. (coefficient of expansion) of 104. With their delicate and detailed design, they add a beautiful and vibrant dimension to your glass fusion projects. It is important to note that these Millefiori flowers are not compatible with Uroburos or Borosilicate glass. They are specifically designed to work with glass that has a similar coefficient of expansion to Moretti glass. Add a touch of colour and elegance to your mosaic and glass fusion projects with these enchanting Millefiori flowers. Discover the rich tradition of Murano glass and enjoy the unique beauty these handmade works of art have to offer.