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Mini Glass Nuggets 9-13mm

Let your creativity flow with these beautiful mini glass drops! Each drop is unique and made from recycled glass, allowing you to not only enjoy their beauty but also contribute to sustainability. These drops are carefully crafted by a glass manufacturer in Mexico, using natural oxides and minerals to create vibrant colours. The artisanal production ensures that each drop has its own shape and size, ranging between 9mm and 13mm. Their thickness varies around 10mm at the highest point of their convex side. This variation adds an organic and playful element to your mosaic projects, and whether you want to create a striking pattern or add subtle accent, these mini glass drops offer countless possibilities. You can combine them with other tiles and materials to create your own unique designs or turn them into beautiful jewellery. Feel the magic of these handmade glass drops as you use them to express your creativity, discover the endless possibilities and enjoy the vibrant colours and unique shapes of these special glass beads.